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Free Webinar to help you plan your Child's Education in Canada

Attend the webinar to plan your child's global career better.

  • Understand the impact of global economic trends on the Canadian Economy in 2023 and beyond.

  • Get to know which industries are growing in Canada and what skills are highest in demand.

  • Understand how you can help your child maintain his wellbeing when studying abroad.

  • Understand the whole process of Canadian Study VISA.

  • Get all your queries addressed by alumni of the University of Waterloo. (Canada'a #1 Tech University)

Host: Harit Mehta

  • Study Abroad Coach.

  • University of Waterloo Alumni

  • Coached 300+ students.

  • Multiple Scholarships Awardee

  • Teaching Assistant @ University of Waterloo

  • Co-Founder of PrepEve Classes.

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